Dlaz Water System | UF 4536 Membrane Whole House Filtration

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For peoples who concern water quality and health of the whole family. Ultra Filtration UF4536 Holofibre UF membrane will clean and flushes out the trapped sediments. It is a super clean point of entry filtration system with purity of up to 99.99% for the whole house, with minimum operator intervention.



Thee UF4536 membrane filtration system uses hollow-fibre based on Polysulfone (PS) material.


Why Polysulfone?

Simple design, superior performance, and outstanding economics.

  • It is one of the highest membrane packing densities per cartridge available in the market.
  • Exhibit a wide pH tolerance (continuous exposure range of pH 1- 13)
  • Withstand in high temperature limit (typically 75 °C)
  • Good oxidant resistance (chlorine exposure: storage 50 mg/L, short-term sanitation 200 mg/L, >106 ppmh).

UF4536 Ultrafiltration membrane system sets the standard for point of entry water filtration and treatment.


What Is Ultra Filtration

Ultra-filtration (UF) membrane is a separation technique used to segregate, concentrate and purify substances according to molecular weight & size

  • A pressure driven unit operation in which particulates bacteria and living organism are retained
  • Provides superior filtration process, leaving pure water molecules pass through the hollow fiber membrane.&
  • This UF membrane based technology able to removes up to 99.9% impurities so to meet various demand of quality water supply.
  • Use the Galcon timer for self cleaning. It enables automatic cleaning feature flushes out the trapped sediments & impurities with minimum operator intervention, ensure that the filtered water in its purest form.

This self cleaning process is necessary to prevent clogging of filter membranes & thus prolong the life-span of the hollow fiber membrane.


The UF4536 is a flexible UF membrane system. 
It can carry out the filtration by either "inside-out" or "outside-in".
Cross flow hollow fibre membrane also reduces fouling as the fluid flows from the inside of the hollow fibre and pass through to the outside of the membrane. 
Despite the size of the hollow fibre membrane being smaller than other types of membrane, its circular structure allows a higher surface area which in turn, yields a higher performance.



  • Holofibre Membrane can effectively filter or remove rust, oil, bacteria and harmful chemicals larger than 0.01 micron.
  • Improves taste and eliminates odours
  • Removes hundreds of contaminants (suspended solids)
  • Removes bacteria and viruses
  • Remains the micro elements and minerals
  • Sealed construction type of housing using food grade stainless steel can withstand high water pressure & direct sunlight without cracking.
  • Slim size, design for wall mounted (vertical / horizontal) can fit easily at any corner.
  • Flow Rate : High
  • Compact & Low maintenance cost


  • Dimension (inch) : 4.5 x 36
  • Membrane material : Polysulfone
  • Body Casing: SUS 304 stainless steel, plastic bracket
  • Membrane pore size : 0.01 Micron
  • Wall mounted filter (vertical / horizontal)


Galcon Auto Timer (Hose & Irrigation Controller)

  • Working pressure from 1 - 10 bars/15-145PSI
  • Connection :3/4'' male / female
  • Whether resistant
  • Easy to install and simple to use, no plumbing required
  • Operated with 9V Alkaline battery (Not included)
  • Duration from 1 minute - 12 hours, up to 4 start times per day
  • Ideal for UF Membrane Water Filter, watering lawns,gardens,etc.



5 years (Body) / 1 Years (Control Valve) 

Galcon Timer - No warranty



Automatic with Galcon timer

Manual Backwash: frequent backwash and rinse / flush will ensure the water quality is maintained


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UF 4536 Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane

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