DLAZ Water System | Ioncare 9000 Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Water Ionizer Technology with health.  The technology alongside health is the spirit of Ioncares.

Ioncares goes beyond "clean water" and is making the effort to produce the best product with
a pride in presenting "live water" "healthy water" to the customers.

A device that generates alkaline water with pH8.5 ~ 10.0, the optimum in water ionization for
those who want the best, a luxury water ionizer fully imported from South Korean.

Ioncare 9000 is the ONLY water ionizer that has whole 9 plates (titanium) instead of the usual 5 or 7. Ioncares
9000 with 9 titanium plates will ensure stable pH and ORP values under all conditions. The ionized water from
this machine is very helpful in improving major stomach troubles such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal
fermentation within stomach and hyper-acidity.

The device is designed to be placed on the kitchen table or be hung on the wall. It has two filters for purifying water
prior to release to the electrolysis chamber. Filter capacity 3,500 liters

The device can produce both alkaline water, acid water or just pure neutral water. Manufacturer approx. 1.2 liters per minute.

Includes necessary equipment, hoses, connectors and other for connection to the tap. As well as a pH test kit.

IONCARES 9000 Specifications :
Water Supply Method Direct connection to tap water
Larger Color LCD (5 inch )
Allowable Water Pressure 1.5 ~ 5.0 kgf/ (make sure cannot lesser then this)
Allowable Water temperature 5 ~ 40 (ambient temperature should be fine)
Input Voltage AC 110-240V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 150VA
SMPS Power 250W / 350W)
Generating Capacity 2.5 ± 0.5 L /min
Original Filter Recognition Features
High Capacity Filter Two Filter (lifespan 15000L)
Weight Net: 6.25Kg (Gross: 6.94Kg)
The whole plate is White Gold Titanium
No. of electrode plates 9

Electrolysis step Alkaline water: 4 stages / Acid water: 4stages
Electrolysis cleaning Automatic cleaning (approx. 30 seconds)

Dimension : W340 x H340 x D140 mm

The Advantage of IONCARES 9000:
+ Whole plates are from titanium, not platinum plates coated titanium like model 5 or 7 plates.
+ Can generate alkaline or kangen water pH12 better without adding a chemical booster like
   the competitor machine does in order to achieve higher pH.
+ The improved technology of pair filter. New filter and replacement filter can last much longer then before.

    Lifespan                       1st Filter               2nd. filter            
    Before                          3,500L                   3,500L
    New                              6000L                    9000L


IONCARES 9000 Certification :


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Ioncare 9000 Korean Water Ionizer 9 plates

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