Dlaz Water System | BionTech BTM-101S Alkaline Water Ionizer 9 Plate ( Year 2016 )

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  • Latest model of water ionizer range of products by Biontech. Biontech is the largest and
    most awarded manufacturer with GMP standard factory.
  • BTM water ionizer model 101S is approved as a medical device in South Korea and Japan,
    able to produce water of the highest quality, so that the filtration and ionization.
  • It features the following;

    + Offers a complete filtration and ionization
    + Best ORP device (oxidation-reduction potential) in the industry!
    + Uses platinum coated titanium electrolysis plates for ionization
    + Adoption an efficient and powerful dual filter system of 13 stages
       of filtration for water ultra filtered, tasty and healthy.

  • The new Biontech Water Ionizers BTM-101S Outperforms The other Top Ionizers Prospect
  • BTM-101S is top of the range model of Biontech water ionizer production . Biontech water ionizer
    BTM-101S offers the best water filtration system, adopted the latest and best technologies for generating
    hydrogen. This water ionizers outperforms the other top ionizers prospect by simply producing Hydrogen
    water and do it in a safe way, and producing alkaline water with a low pH between 8 and 9 with a potential
    ORP less than " -500mV ".
  • The technology adopted by Biontech is actuallly can balance between the two benefits: tasty alkaline water
    (low pH) but highly antioxidant and rich in hydrogen for the full benefits of our health.


BTM-101S Technical Details :
Model Year : BTM-101S 9 Plate 2016
Manufacturer: Biontech Co. Korea Ltd
License production: 09-387
No. of Electrolysis plate : 9 Titanium coated Platinum
Method of electrolysis: continue
Generating Capacity : 1.5L/min - 3.3L/min
Type of water : 5 type alkaline water, one type filtered water, two types of acidic water
ORP output : less than -500mV
pH output value : 3.5 - 11.0 depending on the water source (possibilities for adjusting pH)
Cleaning method : Automatic cleaning (DARC) while ionizer is off.
Warning voice: Yes
Control screen: touch LCD screen (letters and images)
Power Consumption : 150Watt
Product Dimensions: Height = 37cm / Width = 31.5cm / Thickness = 14cm
Weight : 6.5kg

Filtration System
Dual Filter Ionizer : 2 filters (pre-filter with activated carbon and Ultra filtration)
Composition of filter :
    filter 1 - activated carbon (lifetime 5000 liters)
    filter 2 - Ultra Filtration (0.1 microns) 5000 liters)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 months

Manufacturer Info
Biontech is the leading manufacturer of water ionizers with medical standard in South Korea

  • Manufacturing license: KFDA no. 889
  • Own Research and development center "ultramodern R & D" in which it invests 10% of yearly profit for R&D
  • Factory with GMP standard, ISO 9001 and 14000, FDA and KFDA.
  • ONLY use approved materials of the highest quality.
  • Have many inventions and patents registered
  • Has received numerous awards including "Best Hit Product", "Best Brand Korea", "2014 Small & Medium
    Enterprises Quality Award" and many others.

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BionTech BTM-101S Korean Water Ionizer 9 Plates ( Year 2016 )

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