Dlaz Water System | Biontech BTM-400N Alkaline Water Ionizer 5 Plates

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Bio-Tech produces high-purity ionized water with automatic adjustment for optimum pH through self-diagnosis regardless of the change in supplied water flow based on the new and unique technology of Bio-Tech. It is a Double Filtering System.

Model: BTM-400N (5-Plates)
Type : Counter-top, Direct Link to Tap Water
- Automatic Adjustment to Optimum pH
- Artificial Intelligence Sensor System
- More than - 500mV of Maximum Reduction Power
- Advanced Silver-Nano Special Filter
- Automatic Self-Cleaning and Self-Drainage Functions
- Installation of Main Body Sing-Type ON/OFF Ceramic Valve
- Water Supply Adjustment Valve
- Subdivision of pH Steps into 8 Steps
- Filter Usage and Replacement Period Display
- One-Touch Selection Method


- Electrodes: 5 Plates (Platinized Titanium)
- Protection Devices: 2 Built-in Temp. Sensors (Auto Reset)
- Generating Capacity: 1.5ℓ/min at 2.0 kgf/cm2 (Alkaline & Acidic Water)
- Electrolysis Method: Continuous
- Electrolytic Cleaning: Auto Washing (Time About 30 sec., Amount Of Supplied Water About 0.8ℓ)
- Rated Power: AC220v 50~60Hz
- Water Pressure: 0.7 ~ 6.0 kgf/cm2
- Temperature Available: 5°C ~ 30°C
- Weight: About 6.5 kg
- Dimensions: L: 140mm  x  W: 320mm  x  H: 340mm

Double Filtering System





Filter Media:
Nonwoven, P.P. Filter, GAC, Silver-Added Active Carbon, Calcium Sulfite, Block Carbon, UF Membrane Filter (Optional)


Drinking Alklaine Ionized Water on a regular basis will help reduces the acidic nature of urine and subsequently dissovs the Kidney Stone.

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Biontech BTM-400N Korea Water Ionizer 5 plates

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