Dlaz Air Purifier FM-3800 Ionic Air Purifier

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The most complete air purifier available on the market today .

Ionic Air Purifier FM-3800A is a dust collector, powerfully can remove dust, odors and smokes lingering in the air, and effectively improve the air condition in the surrounding.

It features an automatic air quality control through odor and dust sensors. Covers up to 600 sq ft

Do You Need Air Purifier?
Here are some tips why you need Ionic Air Purifier

1. Odor, Dust and Allergen Sensors
The Ionic Air Purifier has sensors to detect odors, dust and allergens. It can tell which airborne pollutants are present. There is an LED indicator light for each of these pollutant types. If odors are detected, the "Odor" indicator light on the control panel will become lit. The same for dust and allergens.

2. Clean Air Monitor
The Ionic Air Purifier senses just how clean or polluted the air really is. It can tell just how clean or polluted the air really is and conveys this information through the four LED indicator lights. The dirtier the air, the more indicator lights that are lit. For example, if all four indicator lights are lit, the air is very polluted. If only one is lit, the air is very clean.

The most effective type of filter against chemicals, gases, cigarette smoke and other odors.

3. Automatic Mode
Saves money on your electric bill by automatically adjusting the settings of the air purifier according to how clean or polluted the air is. For example, if the air is detected to be polluted, it will run the fan on a higher setting. If the air is determined to be sufficiently clean, it will run the fan on the lowest setting ("Quiet") in order to use less electricity, which saves you money on your electric bill.

4. Filter Replace/Maintenance Indicators
The filter sensor lets you know when it is time to replace the HEPA/activated carbon filter. This removes the guesswork out of knowing when to replace filters.  Avoid wasting money by replacing too soon, and avoid releasing captured contaminants back into the area by replacing too late.

5. Ion/UV Light Indicator
The sensor verifies the ionizer and UV lamp are working prop2erly. From there, you can know the ionizer and UV lamp are working properly (the blue light under "Ion/UV Indicator" will go back and forth between dim and bright). Without these sensors, it is very difficult to know if UV lamps and ionizers are fully operational, since there are few visual or audio signs to verify this.

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FM-3800 Ionic Air Purifier

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